Company Report

The Company report delivers one comprehensive document for all the patents of a company. It presents a general overview of the IP performance of a company and the fields of technology the company is operating in as well as aggregated information about the patents themselves


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What does a Company Report look like?

CRThe report summarizes all aspects relevant to IP. Included are all relevant fields which are required
to enable you to evaluate a patent or patent portfolio based upon qualitative characteristics:

  • Patent/patent family bibliographic data
  • Geographical coverage
  • Competitive landscape
  • Legal aspects such as oppositions
  • Economic characteristics such as forward and backward citations

By combining all qualitative factors, highly suitable factors for strategic decisions can be analyzed. The resulting strategic possibilities are unlimited and may refer to monetizing a patent or patent portfolio, legal actions, or optimizing a company’s IP strategy with respect to market and competitive conditions.

Here are a few examples of company reports:

What can the report be used for?


By analyzing a company’s patent portfolio, it is possible to gain insight in the company’s strategy.

A company’s current portfolio represents the choices that the company has made in terms of R&D strategy, acquisitions, and sales of previously owned patents. More importantly, the patents secure products that can represent the competitive edge of the company and offer protection against competitors – recently in the business environment, patents have also been used as offensive “weapons”, rather than just defensive “weapons”.

Last but not least, patents create a foundation for future growth, which is vital for every company.

The report can reveal company strategies

Considering these points, it becomes obvious, why so much money is being spent on research that is performed with the goal of developing new technologies and thus products that can be protected by patents. It is also a growing trend to skip the research, to go directly into the marketplace, and to acquire other companies just to get ownership of their IP.

A recent example of such an acquisition is Google’s take-over of Motorola that can be considered a large-scale IP-driven acquisition. With the acquisition, Google has managed to strengthen their patent portfolio within mobile handset related technologies in an attempt to defend their Android operating system. Google has since then sold Motoral to Lenovo, but kept a sizable portion of the patents as part of the the transaction.

The company report delivers one comprehensive document that contains the most important information concerning the company of your choice.