Patent Report

The patent report delivers one comprehensive document for each patent that contains the most important information concerning the company of your choice.

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What does a Patent Report look like?

In addition to details about the patent itself, the report also contains information about the top competitors in related IPC Classes. It shows the relevant qualitative characteristics including

  • Patent/patent family bibliographic data
  • A summary/abstract of the patented technology
  • The claims of the patent
  • Information about the competition in related technology fields
  • Legal aspects such as oppositions
  • Economic characteristics such as forward and backward citations

By combining all qualitative factors, highly suitable factors for strategic decisions can be supported.

What can the report be used for?

The patent report can be used to get an overview of the patented technology. Furthermore, it allows to get insight into the relevant bibliographical data as well as the patent activity in the respective field of technology. The report is a measure to assess the research and innovation process in a national and international context and to study the relationship between economic growth and technological development.

It can be used to evaluate the level of technology development in a particular sector by taking patent statistics as a technology indicator