Portfolio Report

A  patent portfolio is, as the name states, a portfolio of patents. The collection can be, but is not necessarily, owned by a single company. The report provides information about the field of technology of the portfolio as well as all the singular patents contained.
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What does a Portfolio Report look like?

In contrast to the company report, the portfolio report can contain patents of different owners, for example in the same technological area. The portfolio report delivers one comprehensive document that contains the most important information regarding the requested patent portfolio.
Included are all relevant fields, which are required in order to enable you to evaluate a patent or patent portfolio based upon qualitative characteristics:

  • Patent/patent family bibliographic data
  • Geographical coverage
  • Competition landscape
  • Legal aspects such as oppositions
  • Economic characteristics such as forward and backward citations

By combining all qualitative factors, strategically highly suitable decisions can be summarized.

There are several purposes for which patent analyses can be highly useful.

The report can be used in order to:


Study the relationship between economic growth and technological development

Assess the research and innovation process in a national/international context

Evaluate the level of technological development in a particular sector by taking patent statistics as a technology indicator

Analyze the policy of a particular company regarding research and development

Estimate the technological strengths and weaknesses of competitors

Exploit foreign markets